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Your Ghost Host will enthral your corporate group with macabre stories as you journey down dark, narrow alleyways through The Rocks. As the grisly stories unfold your Host will interact with the group. Your colleagues will entertain and amuse you with challenges on your ultimate team building experience. At the conclusion of the tour, your mouth may be dry from fright, enjoy a drink at an award winning hotel along with a presentation and prizes.



We also have Corporate Team Building Tours, Hens Parties on The Rocks, Family Tours, Birthday tours, Halloween and Christmas tours, Modified tours for Teens and Students excursions are available for 13-17 year olds (please make a separate enquiry for these tours).

The Ghost Tour Team Building tours can be tailored to your special requirements and to suit all occasions. Your group will have their own exclusive Ghost Host for the evening.

The duration can be of 1.5 to 2 hours, this allows you the opportunity to have dinner before or after your tour. Starting times and departure point is advised at time of booking.

Cost: 16 – 100 people

$50 per person

Tours of 16 or more people operate seven evenings a week and run in all weather. If less than 16 people the guests will join our regular tour

Mastercard or Visa is necessary to make a booking, a deposit is taken at the time of booking. Companies can be invoiced, final numbers and payments are required 7 days before the tour.

Street metered parking is available at the top of Argyle Street, near Observatory Hill or there are 3 parking stations
in Harrington Street, 3 minutes from the departure point.

For further enquiries or bookings, Phone

10:00 am to 5:00 pm 7 days.









Tour Includes

Your own exclusive Ghost Host

Flexible starting times

Props for interaction

Interaction with Team members

Prizes and Awards

Suggested hotels and local restaurant menus


$50 per person


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